Lost Waves – This Time Times

Oct 19, 2016
Lost Waves – This Time Times
Released: Oct 18, 2016
  1. Hide Things
  2. Crtysal
  3. One II
  4. Found Things
  5. Drive
  6. With You

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“I see making music as spiritually essential, but an essentially privileged escape from the ordinary challenges of work and more practical commitments and responsibilities. At the end of the day I can’t wait for that hour or two when work is done, the baby is asleep and I can put on headphones and lose myself discovering new sonic worlds.

In college before I really focused on making electronic music, I played bass in an instrumental trio with skeleton song structures — basically noisy, meandering, dark funk. We’d perform for as many hours as possible without pause until our bodies failed us (blisters bloodied, carpal tunnel arms frozen) or our audiences got tired or bored and left. I also studied composition, recording techniques and experimental music while playing Gamelan and upright bass in traditional Western orchestra.

These experiences challenged my ideas of what music ‘should’ be. Eventually my values shifted from precision and virtuosity to a curiosity for the uncomfortable and unpredictable possibilities of sound and a search for the intangible moments when you start to hear things differently.

I don’t mean to be too heady with this but I’ve come to appreciate that context and intention matters. And I hope that at least some of this music taps into a common cosmic subconsciousness that resonates with other people.

More of my vocal samples are layered throughout this album than previous releases, to actively place myself in the music, to make it subtly personal without necessarily being autobiographical or personality-driven.

‘Hide Things’ opens with audio I recorded walking home from my design studio in Gowanus last Spring. ‘Drive’ is built around a toy piano part I sampled while staying in a house with friends upstate in June this year. I tend to like familiar but not obvious reference points, and the feeling that you’re moving forward even if you’re looking out the passenger side window without knowing where you’re going. (This, by the way, is pretty close to how I give driving directions.)

I’ve been singing made-up lullabies to my young son to help him fall asleep. The melody for the last track, ‘With You,’ started as a lullaby that was strangely effective at calming him down on a troubled night. I like that it may seem out of place for a Lost Waves release even if it drifts off wistfully. As the last track, I see ‘With You’ as an optimistic end to a journey, or at least my warbled attempt at marrying a pop song with the feeling that you know the end is in sight.”

—Mark, Oct 18, 2016

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